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About CITB apprenticeships

CITB is the largest provider of apprentices for the construction industry, with over 45 years’ experience of developing skilled workers.

If you decide to employ a CITB Apprentice, you will be getting a keen, motivated member of staff that wants to learn and help your business to grow. 

  • CITB Apprentices benefit from the services of apprenticeship officers throughout their training.
  • Levy-registered employers can apply for grants for each apprentice's attendance and achievement throughout their course.

All CITB's apprenticeship training is developed in consultation with the industry, meaning an apprentice will learn the right skills for the job.

At our CITB Apprenticeship Career days, prospective applicants can ask any questions about their chosen trade and will get the advice they need about a range of careers in construction. This helps to ensure applicants make fully informed choices about their careers.

At each event

  • Our Apprenticeship Officers conduct an initial interview to find out about the applicant.
  • Applicants complete an assessment of their literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Apprenticeship Officers will review what skills and knowledge the applicants bring to their chosen role, as a requirement of funding and to avoid unnecessary training.

If your apprentice hasn't yet attended one of our Careers days, contact your regional officer now to find out about events in your area.

We pay grants to registered employers of up to £10,250 per apprentice.

The Apprenticeship Grant for employers is available in addition to any grants from us to help pay your apprentice’s wages.

You can apply for grants for individuals on approved apprenticeships at Levels 2 and 3, and higher apprenticeships in England, Wales and Scotland.

Find out more about the Apprenticeships grants.

Travel expenses update

From 1 August 2019, the employer contribution to travel costs is as follows:

  • The employer will be required to contribute £20 per week for travel costs to attend college. This is a significant reduction on £20 per day employers made last year.
  • This rate will apply to apprentices starting from August 2019* or going into second year. 
  • For apprentices who are currently going into third year or above, if your contribution is at the old rate of £10 per week, this will continue at this rate until these apprentices have completed their apprenticeship.

*New apprentices must have started their first year with a College or other training provider on or after 1 August 2019, payment is subject to agreed conditions.

This will apply to all CITB Apprentices across Scotland, England and Wales and you can claim for expenses incurred from 1 August 2019 if you have kept your receipts.

To claim, please contact your CITB Apprenticeship Officer.

If you are not a levy registered employer, you can still employ a CITB apprentice.

  • Your apprentice will still have the suport of a CITB Apprenticeship Officer
  • You will still have access to the information gathered at Careers days about your apprentice.
  • You will not be eligble to apply for grants to fund your apprentice.

There are different terms and conditions for employers who are not levy-registered. You must read these in conjunction with the Commitment Statement, all terms and conditions apply under the Apprenticeship Commitment Statement.

Terms and conditions relating to apprenticeship training, non levy funded (PDF, 426KB)

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